1. Discovery- Gather all data. Interview employees at all levels.

  2. Analysis– Identify the biggest threats, find biggest opportunities.

  3. Report- Document our findings and distribute to identified key personnel who are privy to the information. 

  4. Strategize- Collaborate with the governing board and/or executive leadership team to determine which recommendations to implement, alter, or to eliminate.

    • Determine what resources are needed and develop a specific plan of action.

    • Create a Management Accountability matrix for every department with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reporting.

  5. Implementation- Work with the governing board and management team to implement the plan.

    • Help create new systems, procedures, and policies applicable to the plan.

  6. Report- Review of the plan including identified problems, solutions, key people involved, expectations, new systems, and procedures & policies.

  7. Follow Up- Follow up with organization at two different stages to check status.

    • The first follow up will be after 3 months of the final report. We will review, offer suggestions on best practices and assist with adjustments needed.

    • The second follow up will be after 6 months of the final report. This will provide enough time for new processes to impact the business.